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Black Pearl rc801 Battery not working

My Black Pearl monitor has worked flawlessly for almost a year. And then the battery stopped working.

So i purchased a new battery; and lo and behold, it doesn't work either.  

The monitor turns on with the charger plugged in, and the red charging ligh

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FPV package from USA Co...?

Anyone know of a USA company (i.e., not shipped from overseas) selling a quality FPV package for around $300 that is IN stock...?  

To be used on an IRIS using GoPro 3+ as output.

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NO "Low Battery" Warning

About 10 minutes into my IRIS flight today, and it starts sinking on it's own and lands. Fortunately, i was only about 10' above ground, so it didn't hit too hard.  The LED light was steady GREEN the entire time.  I rearmed, took off again, and 30 se

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