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Can't arm/disarm 3.2.1 with transmitter

Using APM Planner and F450 with Pixhawk running 3.2.1. After a successful flight, cannot disarm the Pixhawk using the transmitter sticks. I have to disarm using APM Planner. I am also having trouble arming the Pixhawk using the transmitter.

Why would

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Gimbal settings keep resetting 3.2.1

Have been using v3.2.1 for a couple of weeks and after every couple of flights the settings I have in APM Planner for stabilizing the servo gimbal are lost. In flight I realize it is not steady and have to go back into APM planner and re-enter the se

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Crazy Magnetic Interference

I am having huge problems with magnetic interference when I fly my quad.  I had recalibrated the compass dozens of times, replaced the gps/compass, raised the gps as high as the wire will allow (10cm).  I even moved the battery and power wires under

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Help with Pixhawk configs

So I am at the end of my rope. I cannot get my quad to be even the most basic stabilized.  In no wind it drifts all over roll, pitch, yaw.  I have calibrated the compass, accelerometer, radio…everything.  Ran compass mot several times to make sure in

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APM bouncing?

I have been flying with a Bilxer 1.1 and APM 2.5 for several months with few problems.  I upgraded the motor/ESC and then balanced and recalibrated the accelerometer.  Now when sitting still on the ground the plane is reporting that is it bouncing, t

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Wavy video footage when flying FBWA mode

I have a low end MD80 camera on my Bixler1.1 which takes decent video footage.  But when I turn on the autopilot into FBWA mode the video has waves in it.  The plane is steady, flies like a dream with the autopilot but the video is distorted.  When I

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