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Market Survey/ What is needed?

3689631287?profile=originalLooking for feedback from the community. We currently build unmanned vehicle for military and commercial applications in the USA. Our current commercial units are obviously very similar to the consumer drones.

What if any features are community members looking for in a RTF consumer drone?

We currently develop our systems under IRAD funds so this is not a Kickstarter type program.


Multi-Rotor: Longer Endurance, Installed Video Links, Foldable, More payload capability, Ethernet based? Most of these examples are givens.

Fixed Wing: Larger payload capability, longer endurance, etc? We're getting ready to release a fixed wing system with up to 3lbs. of belly and nose mount payload capability.

Maybe the answer is the market is already flooded and there isn't a need.

Any feedback would be appreciated


Bill D.

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