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My first quad rotor

Wanted to share my first Arducopter flight with you. As you can see it needs some tuning.

Stable mode is getting better after a little tuning :)

Can anyone suggest some starting values for PID tuning in acro and also stable mode?
Quad weight is 750 grams incl. battery. (980 grams with 5000 mAh batt.)
Distance between motors is 31.5 cm (45 cm diagonal).
All tips and tricks is appreciated :)

Here is some info and pictures of the quad :)

Part list at the moment:
1 x Ardupilot Mega + Oilpan
1 x Modified Mikrokopter MK40 frame
1 x Modifiek HK-500 GT Landing skid
4 x Turnigy 18a Plush esc
4 x Hyperion ZS 2209-30 motors
4 x Propeller EPP 1045
1 x 3s lipo 2200 mAh
Carbon frame parts
Rubber dampers
Gyro tape

Ready to fly weight with the parts above is 750 grams.

Parts bought but not mounted yet:
3s 5000 mAh lipo
Mtek GPS
Cmos video camera
900 mhz 500 mW video transmitter

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