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Open Source Antenna Tracker - OpenDiyAT

Hello to all,

I used a part of the Ardupilot legacy software plus code from Melih Karakelle and from Dennis Frie and "build" around an Open DIY Antenna Tracker - OpenDiyAT.

It needs only sentences from a gps receiver unit (gprmc and gpgga) and it sends the telemetry to the ground using the audio link of our video transmitter.

It is now in  a very reliable form, and it has still a good development base.

With some work, we can increase the telemetry data to send to the ground base.

I publish the code here: http://code.google.com/p/opendiyantracker/

The project is open and I hope the RC community can embrace this and help to develop the code (what so far didn't happen, which made me sad with the lack of interest).

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ArduIMU/Ap test platform ready!!

Hello all,

Developers of this combined project, Thanks!

Ugly and dirty, the system is ready to roll tomorrow, the bench tests all went well, although I think that the elevator amplitude (gain) isn't enough when in stabilize, which probably will happen also with RTL mode.

More to come, tomorrow.

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