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Phoenard; The project currently running on Kickstarter.

It has lot of peripherals built in which is more than capable to be your next Drone controller.

10-degrees of freedom sensor, Accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer and barometer are included and powered by ATMEGA2560, identical to the one use on APM. Plenty of PWM GPIO pins are also available. The GPS, GSM and GPRS module are embedded by default as well on board. 

The full color LCD might be handy as well for changing some settings on board rather than from pc. Moreover it is battery powered and portable, very comfortable to bring along. 


Lastly, its operating environment allows you to store thousands of arduino sketches/program on board. Similar to developing apps on smartphone. So switching between controlling different drones is very easy.

Although the super early for 99 Euro has been sold-out, the early bird is still available for only 111 Euro!


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