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ATFF - Photogrammetry in French Alps with drone

Hi all !

Please find above a video showing two photogrammetry projects.

Remember, these achievements have been captured by the team of ATFF by drone:

- Field survey to study for a future subdivision
- Up to an industrial area for redevelopment

We have worked to significantly increase the density of point clouds.
As you can see, Autodesk RECAP easily and effectively visualize these large point clouds.

RECAP also allows you to reposition and use point clouds easily in Autodesk suites.

ATFF team is at your disposal throughout Europe.

ATFF team


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Video Like a TBS Discovery Pro

Hello All,


As promised, here is the first flight with my gimbal adapted to TBS Discovery :



Remember my last post :



As you can see the result is perfect, why invest in an expensive TBS Discovery Pro, upgrade your Discovery !!!


If you are interested I'll see to make a small production.

Contact Me







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Like a TBS Discovery Pro




Hi all,


I have a TBS Discovery for some time now, very good quad.

But when I saw arriving Discovery Pro I said I want it!
I almost had a heart attack.
So I decided to custom mine.

I had to make a well-considered simple and removable system.

So I bought a cheap gimbal for testing, this:




Here is my first test, I posted there some time.



Considering the quality of the nacelle (plug & play), I decided to keep it and modify it to TBS.


I wanted to have a system in line with the Discovery, so I got started in the measurement and design to allow this.


I removed the unnecessary things.






Then I printed my adaptation in 3d printing.



3689555118?profile=original 3689555018?profile=original











The advantage of this system, I unscrew a screw and two cables unplugged, gimbal power supply and servo wire gimbal, and I can remove the gimbal to go for a real FPV flight.
That the Discovery Pro does not allow, because the gimbal is unremovable.

I am very satisfied of results.


The first flight with this custom



Thank you for reading





Hello every body !

Sorry for the silence, but life it's not always easy...

You can find the parts available directly on the Shapeways site at the following address :


Enjoy ! This shape is perfect for the gimbal like a discovery pro !


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Hello all,

Video Link Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dY2zeuygPI0

I just just bought a gimbal from bestluckybuy. this gimbal:

I made a little video to compare stabilization. Video on the left side gimbal, right side gopro attached on the front of the TBS Discovery.

Next step, adaptation of the gimbal in front like a TBS Discovery Pro.

See you soon ;)


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