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Happy Holidays from the Flying Machine Arena!

Another Christmas/New Year's video. Enjoy!

This one was made using something like puppetry: an "actor" would hold a quadrocopter (props off) and move it. The motion would be reflected by another (flying) quadrocopter -- so you can do fun things like try to express emotions, walk around with some sort of a gait, look at things, etc.

Happy Holidays!

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We played around with a Kinect as a way to more naturally interact with the quadrotors in the Flying Machine Arena and made a short video of the result. Since there is a bit of saturation of Kinect-ish videos out there, we tried to include a short explanation of how this demo works. You can find more info about the Flying Machine Arena here.


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Hello and a Christmas/New Years video

Hi all. Several of us working on the ETH Flying Machine Arena have been watching DIY Drones for a while but we've never really participated in any way. Since our work is somewhat related and might be of interest, we thought we'd post something:


So, it's been a busy year. Many new little quads as well as people joining our team. Many projects, many crashes, many improvements, probably as many new bugs :-) I'd love to give you statistics on flight hours, distance, etc, but we don't keep track of it. Like Drew Carey said on Whose Line, "the points don't matter". :-) (*whoosh* goes the reference)


For Christmas/New Years we decided to do something fun -- take a random absurd idea and see if we can make it fly -- something that people would look at and wonder "why???"... here's our shot (don't miss the ending! :-) ).

This was done on a late Friday night in about 3 hours from placing a piano in the Arena to the final shot... it's *not* a serious research project :-) (at least not yet!!). As it turns out, the keys are quite bouncy, and the quadrotor is quite light, so it was difficult to get it to hold the keys -- this is the main reason for the slowed down tempo.

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