DIY Drones Autopilots


Our premier IMU-based autopilot is ArduPilot Mega, an open source combo of a processor board and a sensor "shield" that fits on top. Full details are here. It's sold as a kit that you build yourself or, via retail partners, a ready-to-fly version:


Assemble it yourself:

You'll need:

APM board ($59)

IMU shield ($159)

A GPS module ($37)

The products above include all the connectors you need for the autopilot itself. To fly, you'll also need your own RC system and cables and you may want to add wireless telemetry. A full list of parts and options are here.



Or buy it pre-made!

The APM hardware is available ready-to-fly (soldered, tested and code loaded) from uDrones for $349.95

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