Parts list

Blimpduino components
Number used Part Source Part #
4 IR sensors Mouser 782-TSOP34156
1 Switch Digikey EG1903-ND
1 7-pin header Digkey S7040-ND
1 Motor driver chip Digikey 296-9911-5-ND
1 Motor wire Circuit Specialists 100' Spools of 30 AWG
1 Machine pin headers (male) 2.54 Swiss Round Pin Adaptor
1 Machine pin headers (female) 2.54 Swiss Round Pin Adaptor
1 Standard header strip Mouser 49-68000-436HLF
1 Polarized battery plug HobbyKing Female JST connector
1 Servo HobbyKing Turnigy 1440A
1 Envelope Plantraco 52" silver
1 IR Beacon Pololu Bare development board
1 Ultrasonic sensor Maxbotics EZ4
1 Laser-cut platform Polou [custom]
2 Props EP2510, black or gray
2 N20 motors Once Top Motor OT-FF-N20PA-1580, 20mm shaft
1 9v battery connector Mouser 121-0426/T-GR
1 Box The Packaging Store 9" x 9" pizza box
1 Zip-lock bag The Packaging Store 6"x9" 2 mil ziplock bags
1 Thin heat-shrink tubing (1/16th) Digikey A116B-4-ND
4 Lego axle Lego Element ID: 370726, Design ID: 3707
1 Lego cross-axle extension Lego Element ID: 4512363, Design ID: 59443
2 Lego angle element, 180 degrees Lego Element ID: 4107783, Design ID: 32034
4 Lego 2x brick with hole Lego Element ID: 370026, Design ID: 3700
4 Lego Technic lever Lego Element ID: 4107828, Design ID: 6632
1 Lego double conical wheel gear Lego Element ID: 4177431, Design ID: 32270
1 Lego 24-tooth Technic gear Bricklink Part
Components of pre-assembled PCB:
7 0.1 uF capacitor Digkey PCC1828CT-ND
1 100uf, 16v capacitor Digkey 399-5214-1-ND
1 100uf, 6.3v capacitor Digkey 478-1677-1-ND
4 green LED Digkey 67-1357-1-ND
1 red LED Digkey 67-1359-1-ND
1 10Mhz Atmega168 Digkey ATMEGA168V-10AU-ND
5 1k resistor Digkey P1.00KCCT-ND
3 10k resistor Digkey P10.0KCCT-ND
1 SMD reset switch Digkey CKN9104CT-ND
1 power regulator Digkey 296-8000-5-ND


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