250 Racer to take pictures in holiday trip

Hello, I just want to share with you my experience of using a 250 quad to take picture in holiday trip.

3689697180?profile=original(after removing fisheye effect)

A 250 quad racer could be useful not only for racing. Thanks to is small size you could bring it with you in holiday to take pictures.

Everything you need fit in a quite small box :
- TX
- Quad
- FPV Goggle
- Video receiver
- Spare batteries
- Battery Charger

- Toolbox

3689697217?profile=originalIt doesn't take more place than a DSLR and it lens. So I leave the DSLR at home and took the quad :-)
No gimbal but still useful.
I use a Runcam v2 as camera and the result is quite good. I admit it doesn't compete with DSLR for quality but you get another point of view !

I use a FPV camera pointing up to have a good view in forward flight and the Runcam pointing down. A good addition will be a video switch to be able to select the desired view in flight.

You have to keep safety first and do not fly over/near people, nor near airport. And of course respect the local law if exist.


Anyone having some the same and can give some advice ?

PS : coming back home with nice pictures increase the Woman Acceptance Factor ;-)

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  • The woman's acceptance factor is surely a good thin
  • Same idea !

    I'm building my 320 DYS with a 4k gopro.

    Objective : change the CC3D for a real powerfull pixhawk (or pixracer) and fly only with my smartphone thanks to a wifi module (ESP8265 or NRF24L01): no taranis wanted.

    Only a drone in a case + two batteries + charger in a backpack !

    News soon.

  • YESSS!!!! I build my racer more to have a little quad to take pictures than racer ;) ; I installed a mobius with the two functions FPV and photos because it's a RoboCat and not have enought place, but it's funny how fast and agile is :D

    I bought a little charger for this guy too.

    Happy to listen that not alone with this crazy idea :D

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