Few days ago I decided to burn my FrSky DHT, plugged the battery backwards, nothing looked burned and no magic smoke, but module was dead... After poking around with multimeter I found that TPS54331 went caput (0v on pin1), 3.3v regulator survived. Got the replacement at local farnell distributor, no shipping cost :) 5 minutes soldering and module beeped back to life.  

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  • Hello excellent tutorial have a problem , I have a FRSKY DJT module which was placed in my Turnigy 9x and reverse polarity and Cambiel the TPS54331 but still unlit know what else could be the reference which is 3.3V regulator thanks for the help

  • Thank you very much for the guide! I always wonder why there is not a simple diode (like 1N4001) in serial in the powerline. Than everybody could swap polarity like a boss without killing the hardware - it would simply not work.

    Maybe that diode would hurt the sales too much.....

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