Many exciting developments are underway in regards to drones and drone insurance. At the forefront of these innovative offerings stands Skyvuze Technologies. UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are not the only thing that our agency has launched recently. We are constantly working around the clock to provide the most efficient offerings in the entire drone industry.


Among the list of programs we are piloting soon, include a contemporary online quoting platform for businesses in need of commercial UAV insurance. The new digital program will make insurance quoting easier than ever for organizations who wish to protect their company from airborne exposures.


This is way more than just a profession for us. Our Fly Safe, Not Sorry™ motto originated when our Co-Founders (Alexander Sheard and Drew Hoffmann) parlayed their passion for drones into revolutionizing the UAV industry forever. Skyvuze Technologies is thrilled to take part in skyrocketing the industry to new heights!


Puns aside, we assist businesses by saving them time, money and headaches by giving comprehensive quotes in a timely manner. Now that the drone industry has taken off (sorry, we promise that’s the last pun,) companies are utilizing our full-service solutions to ensure that their assets are insured.


Commercial drone operations are using UAV technology ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars (XACTSENSE). One minor accident could warrant expensive repairs or even a total replacement. Moreover, since most business liability policies exclude aircrafts, an accident could open the door for years of court proceedings and millions of dollars in damages.


3689692449?profile=originalDrones and other UAVs are constantly combating the elements when navigating the skies. There are many uses businesses have for drones:

  • Photography & Videography - Capture those perfect HD moments from an aerial view that only a drone can. Record every memory at this year's upcoming company picnic by inviting your favorite drone operator.


  • Deliveries - You’ve probably heard the rumors that Amazon utilizes drones for conveniently delivering packages to customers. One day the same could apply the next time you order from your favorite local pizza parlor.
  • Wireless Networks - Once solar drones are more prominent, they can serve as mobile wireless access points across the world. These devices can reportedly stay airborne for up to five years!
  • Security - The military already uses UAVs to gain intel around potentially dangerous areas. Soon, they will be a standard part of every company’s security system. Drones can effectively survey the premises while keeping employees out of harm's way in the event of an emergency.


Those are just a few examples of how drones can help your business cut costs while improving everyday operations. Here are three reasons why Skyvuze Technologies is at the top of the UAV insurance game:

 1. Complete Drone Solutions – We are not your typical 9-5 insurance agency who added a drone market to keep up with the industry. We are drone enthusiasts who have educational background in risk management. Put them together you have a team working 24/7 to service your needs, whether it’s adding endorsements to your insurance policy, adding a drone to your fleet, adding a crash warranty to your new drone, or getting your broken drone repaired. We become our partner’s wingman. 3689692831?profile=original

2. Convenient Online Application - The form is quick and easy to complete. And, don’t forget, the new online quoting platform will be going live very soon! It’s simple, we capture all the necessary information up front, avoiding endless back and forth emails. From there, we will get you a proposal that you can sign with the touch of a finger on your tablet or phone, authorizing us to bind your coverage that moment.

3. Aviation Insurance Markets – We didn’t just pick up an aviation carrier to service a few drone inquires. We have many contracts with top aviation carriers to find the best policy to fit your unique business model. Pilot in command with a 333? Excellent! No licensed pilot, no exemption? No problem! Stop wasting your time doing research, we already did it for you!


As you can see, we do it all. Skyvuze Technologies is excited to continue to learn, grow, adapt in this new, rapidly exploding commercial drone insurance industry. We’ve emphasized the idea of an ongoing relationship with with our policyholders, and we always have our clients’ best interest in mind.


Skyvuze Technologies doesn’t limit itself to commercial drone insurance. We understand that other exposures exist, whether it’s commercial or personal. We have the ability to protect everything you need protected, and being able to manage all of our customer’s policies under one roof…the Skyvuze Technologies’ roof…makes everything convenient. To get a free quote, visit www.skyvuzetech.com or call 855-276-6305 to speak with one of our insurance experts.

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