3 Sleeper Industries Drones are About to Change Surprisingly Fast


While drone contributions to surveying and monitoring progress at construction sites may seem like an incremental update, it’s actually going to be revolutionary. An enormous amount of material waste and landfill bulk comes from construction. If managers are able to save money, reduce waste and improve their strategy through better monitoring with UAVs, you can bet they will take off fast.

Disaster response

When four consecutive storms worked their way through the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic ocean in 2017 infrastructure took a massive hit. Maser Consulting’s UAS emergency response team used their UAVs to quickly assess infrastructure damage and conduct utility inspections. In times of natural disaster, restoring cell towers and power utilities is a critical priority. UAVs can be deployed well before conditions become safe for humans to conduct inspections as well as cover ground more quickly.


This one may seem a bit far-fetched, but ski resorts have enormous swathes of land that they must monitor diligently for ecological reasons as well as to ensure that infrastructure is in tip-top shape. You don’t want your ski lifts going backwards, after all.

One could even imagine the presence of a thermal sensor-equipped UAV as a swanky safety feature in avalanche-prone areas. Here’s to hoping it has a tiny barrel of whisky strapped on it like those rescue dogs from the cartoons.

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