3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2 - the first video


Today was a nice Sunny day and we decided to record a video c 3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2. For video recording we used a 5.8 GHz video transmitter, video receiver 5.8 GHz, the video capture STLab m-320 and a laptop. Video format SIDE BY SIDE Full 4:3 and available for viewing on 3D TV and other devices support this format. The same video can be viewed on a smartphone using Google cartboard, but then the video will be stretched as you need to use the format SIDE-BY-SIDE CROP 16:9... The video quality on the camera is much better than You can see here, since the video capture and facebook are making changes.

P.S. The video quality is low due to the video capture + processing youtube

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  • Sorry for BB2 will be impossible to adjust the distance - IPD is fixed and = 42 mm

  • Much better 3D effect than the first blackbird camera. When I first saw video footage from Blackbird v1 I did not get much feeling, but now it is more noticeable. Wider spacing between cameras I think? 

    Have you any plans to make the camera width adjustable?

  • It would be an interesting project to have a joystick control convergence & separation.

  • I like the two sided perspectives. Makes me think we people should have the same in regards to life.

    How small is it? Nice job!

  • That is awesome!! If you focus right it's a pretty amazing perspective.
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