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    Well I keep touting it and I'm not connected with them in anyway but the best fold your own plane I have made is the Mugi plans are free
    Mugi - Tough, easy to build, affordable RC aircraft and free plans.
  • You know, this makes me want to attempt a papercraft airframe.
  • cool.. i used to do sculpting too... but i haven't done it for almost 8 years...

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    Well, its expensive for this game, but you must try bronze!!!

    I'm going to get thrown off for forum abuse, never thought I would find a tenuous reason to get plugs for my girlfriends sculpting in here!! She's the second one in, looks like she's filing her nails.

    Next problem is capturing to 3D her sculptures, I understand grabbing with a scanner is expensive.

    Oh boy I'm way off topic.

    But Varga has already pointed out that the grown ups use it so best we find out whats what.
  • i checked out the site... kinda expensive though per cm cube... great way to make miniature sculptures though...
  • what if you print something and after printing, you reinforce it with fibreglass cloth?
  • The Lockheed Polecat UAV is pretty large, but it's 3d printed:
    So this technology can produce strong structures as well, for example, quadrotor blades.
  • Wow, 3D printing tech has come a long way! Last I heard the sorts of plastics they use would be far too heavy, brittle or weak for doing something like this. It'll be interesting to see if he can take this to it's logical conclusion and print the main rotor head and blades too (and possibly even the servo horns and push rods).
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    Funny how life works, I ve signed up this week with this service to have crack at turning some of my girlfriends work into plastic. (shameless plug)

    Saw they were at the makers faire when I signed on.

    Who'd have thunk it.
    Sarah Lovejoy, Figurative Ceramic Sculpture
    Sarah Lovejoy, figurative ceramic sculptor showing in Cape Town and London
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