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  • Developer

    Nice, but they need to make a new one :))

    For that :)



















    3D FPV ???

  • If I can get the .stl files, would be able to print these on my makerbot 3d printer. I would be willing to sell them for a little bit over the cost of plastic..which would be far less than what they are charging.
  • Cool but not so cheap:


    3D printed pieces: back cage, the front lid, the servo cage and the mounting arm.


    3x MKS 470 servos (no cheap servos)

    Great project anyways,

    PS:I would like to look closer to those lateral hinges, they look interesting.

  • Cool. Now can we daisy-chain a second one off the head of the first with higher sensitivity sensors to make the head movement even smoother (i.e. less susceptible to platform vibration and rapid movement). Would that work?
  • Very cool! I wonder how long this takes to print.
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