3D printed Mini h-Quad build


This is the first in what I hope will be a series of posts about my new mini h-quad build. 

I'm going to be working from an existing design to start. You can find the design files here. This was NOT designed by me, it was designed by Steve, check out his site here. I hope to build up this design then move on to designing my own frame as a derivative to correct any weaknesses in the design if any. 

I'm looking for a more acro quad coming from nano-quads and want to do FPV eventually. I'm really inspired by the blackout mini h-quad and the size and portability.

So I've ordered the parts and I'll be moving a lot of the electronics over from my other quad to this one to try it out. So the build will include:

  • 12amp afro simonk esc
  • kk2.1 flight controller
  • 1600 3s zippy 
  • Turnigy 2100kv motors C1822
  • 5030 stock props
  • hobby king 6 channel rx/tx

I'm a little worried this motor is lightly underpowered, but ecalc has it coming in at around 54% throttle for hover. I may end up switching to a >2300kv motor, but they are all a bit above my budget right now.

picture time! This is what I've printed so far with the makerbot replicator 2x at my school. Really struggling with this machine, but when prints come out they look great! It is way less reliable than my custom i3 at home though.



That's it for now, just waiting for my hobbyking order to arrive and I should be able to start assembly then. See you guys on the flip side!

Parts will be coming off my 330 size quad:


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  • I have a prototype mini power distribution board that we designed for this printed frame. We will be running a production batch soon and selling it at: shop.hovership.com

  • @mdisher yes I did! I'm pretty bogged down with finals right now so I haven't had a chance to update. I basically used a basic power distribution board from hobbyking and ziptied it to the bottom with my escs between the base and the bottom plate. quick and dirty before I decide to actually solder everything together. 

  • OK, did you finish this?  I'm in the middle of a build and unclear as to how i'm going to do the power distribution and having trouble finding pics...   Any pointers appreciated.

  • My roommate had them laying around. They are semi-hard foam balls, they work great! super light but not too bouncy.

  • What kind of balls are those in the last photo?  Do they work well for landing gear?

  • @rob it is actually fairly stable, I got some pretty nice footage with it. The issue is that the connections between the servos and frame parts are not secure enough. so I've had it come apart on hard landings. It is just hot glued together, heh.

  • Nice, thanks.  I've been trying to design something similar but not actually printed anything yet because I'm not convinced it will be strong enough or stable enough.  Is yours fairly solid and how does it cope with vibrations?

  • @Rob yes it is! I've posted the files here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:235260 it's definitely a work in progress though.

  • Looks neat.  Is that a 3d printed gopro servo gimbal?  Do you have the design files for that?

  • Cool, I'll give it a shot, should get my stuff by monday to start putting it together, check back in for updates around then!

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