3d Printed Mini HexaCopter


I Have been working on this 3d printed hexacopter for some time now let me know what you think of the design ive been entertaining selling them and or the STL's so you can print them yourself here are some pics and some gimbal video feedback good or bad is much appreciated also if you would buy it what would you pay for it3689626459?profile=original3689626295?profile=original3689626349?profile=originalhttp://youtu.be/bDSipO_EQhE


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  • Nice job.

  • I use 20A Afro slims to turn14 inch props and 700KV Sunnysky X series motors on 3S. It hovers at 26A for all 4 and pulls a max of 45A with 80A max rating. The Afro slims are internally rated at 30A so it could do 120A bursts. They barely get warm. I have never had an issue with them. Anyhow, 10 minutes is fine for AP use. Just have a few sets of batteries. I think it is a virtue to keep it small.

    I do wonder if some overlap would cause instability. I have heard it makes some noise but it works ok. May have to try it.

  • 6x4 fits fine it would be easy to raise 3 motors up 1/2 an inch then you could put even bigger propellers on it you would have to put higher wattage esc's on it to power like a 1kkvm motor but it might just work the only problem I could for see is the prop wash overlap may cause problems for stability if I strech the center section slightly to fit a larger battery say 5500 or 6500 battery it would also give more space for bigger blades I could strech it just enough to fit a 7x5 master airscrew 3 blade a 1500 kv motor should turn it with a 25amp esc I will totally send you a frame no charge for all the great input
  • Thinking about it, that would maybe get the props into the camera. How about just raising three motors half an inch so that the tips do not touch and the 6*4 props would fit easily. I guess a printed plastic inserts with long enough screws would do the trick.

  • Here is a wild and wacky idea. I have read some sages on DIY drones alternating motors on an octocopter. Why not do it here. 3 facing up and three facing down. Any  coaxial inefficiency is easily compensated for by bigger props and lower kv motors. I reckon you could get another 4 minutes on the same battery with lower kv and bigger alternating props. You may have to modify the underside of mount to make it work. I will happily pay you for a frame - could I modify it to do alternating motors using a sharp knife? Mind you I am in the middle of 3 builds! I could change direction on one of them and make one using your frame.

  • Ill post more pics in the am yea its an 8 bit alemoss using the same motors that the china gimbal uses yea it can lift more but not much more than 4400mah worth of battery maybee a 5500mah but thats pushing it I put some 6x4 three blade props on it and the motors overheated so 5x3 is as big as you can go with the 2300kv motors you could put the 1900kv tmotor and run the 6x4 that would give you more payload the 6x4 propelles just barely fit there is less than 1mm between the blades but they fit I am working on a 500mm frame based on this design marc send me a message and ill send you a frame to play with
  • Looking good. Love to see more pics of the third axis arrangement. What motor are you using for the yaw axis? What controller? One of the mini 8 bit alex moss boards? It always takes a while to dial in the yaw axis on any new set up. Are you using 3S or 4S? 12 mins is ok. Do you think it could lift more and it is just a question of where to put the batteries? I am interested in making one of these if the yaw axis works well and you get some good video.

  • http://youtu.be/ATSS5qg3T-8

    new video of 3 axis with moving legs


    2LBS 1.1 OZ with 2200mah battery 7Min Flight time if you put the 2200mah and the two 1100mah that all fit in the frame with the new tmotor esc's 12min flight time its still a little shaky on the 3rd axis I am  still tuning it

  • I think I have a solution figured out I have two options im working on I will post an update as soon I its complete I am also sourcing some better qualty motors and esc's after time the efficency is going through the floor crapy berings Im sure motors dont spin smooth like when new im only getting like 7-8 min now
  • Are you going to put a yaw mount with landing legs on your small hexa? Love to see it. I will happily buy a kit if you get something useful working.

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