3D printed UAV maiden flight

Today, after two previous tries, I flew the 3D printed plane I've been working on. This time I figured out the problem I had before was an incorrect thrust line on the motor.


Seems to fly well enough, a bit sensitive on the controls but that can be solved easily.

Next step is to do some more flight testing before installing FPV gear on it and and Ardupilot board with GPS.

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  • I have uploaded the files to printe the Nomad UAV Mk.I to Thingiverse (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:272478) so now the first phase of the project is complete. Next steps are to first install FPV gear on the plane to carry further flight testing, and second to install an Ardupilot to finally turn the plane into a UAV.

    But that after a few weeks since I have to work on some other things until mid July.

  • Randy, the plane was designed in 3Ds Max (it's not a CAD program, but it's what I use at work) I printed it with a RepRap Mendelmax 1.5 using PLA and used Slic3r for slicing the STL models.

    I have uploaded the STL files to Thingiverse (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:272478) but I still need to updated the files to the latest versions, I'm also going to upload an OBJ file (or files) with the original geometry so that anyone can modify or create new derivative designs with it.

  • I'm excited for the future outlook for CADDrones.com!  I am working with a lot of great companies and see a lot of potential in 3D Printing and Drones!

  • Developer

    Looking good.

    I'm interested in making a 3d quad at some point.  I think it would be useful if we all share info on what tools we're using both to design and then print the frames.  I'm hopeful that one of the upcoming T3 competitions will be in this area although it's not my decision of course..

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