3D printer for $100, good for drone develpment?


Canadian company - Rinnovated Design has created an innovative concept, that is really worth seeing. Their original approach to the matter allows creators to offer a printer for no more tha $100. By the use of blender software, sound card (!) and dripping water (!!) owners will be able to print 3D parts, that are cheap as they possibly can.

more info:




I really like the approach of Rinnovated Design, completely out of the box thinking. It's a pitty that they don't develop drones. They could over come some present personal drones development issues :)


See for your self:

Sory if my post isn't top quality. It's my first one and English is not my main language. Anyway, hope you like the finding! :)



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  • Isn't it similar to this: http://formlabs.com/products/our-printer, but with saline driving the z axis instead of a motor?

  • Just add coat or two of paint and problem solved !

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    I would just be careful on any type of light sensitive resin used... might be great for short term prototyping but long use not so much... it tends to harden and gets brittle when the sun keeps affecting the resin... 

    Not saying their resin has this "issue", maybe it does stabilize but it will be worth checking. 

    Again for a quick part print with no intention to use it on critical components as is I think this is great! 

    Go Canada Go!

  • That really is genius!  

    I'm pleased I persevered with the really irritating music and introduction to find out how it worked...

  • I was thinking "Oh great, another 'revolutionary' 3D printer", but this guy really did take a step back and look at the problem in a new way.  VERY creative, I love his solution and the thought process behind it.  I don't think it will probably be that useful for UAV, since all of the STL-based printers I've worked with are UV cured, and so the more their pieces are exposed to direct sunlight, the more brittle they become.  FDM would still be the right choice of the current DIY techs, IMHO...

  • backed!!

  • @Yusuf creator of this amazing concept is more Steve Wozniak then Jobs, in my opinion, either way genius idea. Hope we'll see more from this guy :)

  • wow, this is a great idea, and really a Eureka moment :-).. I have been watching the Steve Jobs video's and was a young man then and wondered what it was like to know you have something that is a game changer, just like this printer.. look forward to seeing it's progress with great interest..

  • Wow - talk about thinking outside the box!

    In this case it was thinking outside the X-Y-Z axis norm. This initial tank size is small but there is no reason it cannot be larger. It is essentially growing the object in the resin space.

    Now, how much does the 'juice' cost?  Not much if we are to believe the pages.


    Truly we live in interesting times.


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