3D Prints of work

3689608396?profile=originalI thought this was pretty cute, well done to boot

Shooting by the company Photos aériennes / post processing and 3D printing by Drones Imaging.

This photorealistic and geographically accurate 3D model was obtained using Correlator 3D software and printed with our Formlab. The technology of our 3D printer is based on the laser and solidification of resins designed for reliable printing with a very high level of accuracy.

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  • That's just the effect of 3d printing not being able to reproduce the very shallow slope from the DSM, hence the 'terraces'. You'd see the same thing if you opened the DSM in some software that can draw countours.
  • What is really impressive here is that the software automatically generated terrain features that were not obvious in the original pictures. Look at the feilds in both the three-d print and the color photographs.

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