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  • Very nice quad. but using but fish eye gopro :-( and expensive ! they're falling behind better floor the

    gas pedal and give it all has. :-) I still have hope for 3dr :-)

  • Looks good.

    Also wondering what is the pix 2, and the software behind.

    Does it means 3DR Solo HW & SW is no longer open sourced ?

  • Glad to see 3DR going head to head with DJI in the flying camera market.  Price comparison (Kamil's post) with P3 is daunting though.  I am sure SOLO will attract its own followers.  Now 3DR has to keep pressing on the gas to at least stay competitive.

  • Looks nice, Congratulations to 3DR on another product launch.

  • @Jonathan Hair video latency: 180ms

  • Distributor

    sounds very interesting! Looking forward to the SOLO

  • Liking that ground station.  Would be nice if this were available separately for folks who want to use an Iris+.

  • Pixhawk 2? Any other info about it?

    Generaly, Solo i coool! But... Phantom 3 pro (4K) cost about $1260.... 3DR solo with same features will cost $999 + $399 gimal + ~$500 gopro 4 black + $150 px4flow (if will be possible to connect it to solo's pixhawk). This means, that it will be two times more expensive, and additionaly, P3 offers +1.2km HD video range, and Solo "only" max ~800m.


  • Wow, the game has be upped. Looks really well polished to bring this technology to the masses.

    Will this Pixhawk 2 be available as a stand alone controller? Is the HD video transmission part of the Pixhawk 2? What is the latency? Low enough for fast FPV (racing)?

    I am kind of sad that my Pixhawk powered machines are getting obsolete (I am still running 8 bit APM too). Will there be code and performance difference between Pixhawk 1 and 2?

  • Overall -- Very nicely done 3DR! 

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