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3DR ArduCopter Kits Updated


3DR ArduCopter kits are back in stock at the 3D Robotics store. The kits have gone through a slight redesign both in mechanical design and documentation. Our new facility in Tijuana, Mexico as well as better suppliers for parts have allowed us to greatly improve the quality of these kits as well as offering them for lower prices. The new frames also look stunning!


The main change to both of the kits is the new arms, the arms are now 40mm shorter which translates to about 10 grams lighter per arm. This allows for the motor cables to be shorter and reduce the weight of the vehicle overall. The motors are no longer mounted through the entire cross section of the arm which caused the old 3DR arms to sink, the motors are not mounted to the top face of the arm providing a better mounting surface. The two frames are significantly smaller and will allow for easier transportation. The arms now come in two colors, blue and black. Each kit will contain 2 blue arms and a spare black arm (3 black arms for the Quad kit and 5 black arms for the hexa kit), this will allow you to build your vehicle in either + or x configuration with the front indicated by a blue arm(s).The center plates on the Hexa-B have been redesigned to accommodate for the shorter arms and large props. 


The manuals for both of the kits have been re-written, we took all your feedback and produced a better set of assembly and set-up instructions. 3DR will also be providing a parameter file for these specific frames and keep it current as the code evolves to provide the best possible performance with these frames. The first iteration of this param file should be available shortly.


The full flight electronics quad and hexa kit have been upgraded to APM2.5 .



3DR ArduCopter Quad-C



3DR ArduCopter Quad-C Frame Kit     $99.99

3DR ArduCopter Quad-C Frame + Motors Kit     $249.99

3DR ArduCopter Quad-C Frame + Motors + Full Flight Electronics Kit     $449.99

3DR ArduCopter Hexa-B




3DR ArduCopter Hexa-B Frame Kit     $129.99

3DR ArduCopter Hexa-B Frame + Motors Kit     $349.99

3DR ArduCopter Hexa-B Frame + Motors + Full Flight Electronics Kit     $549.99




3DR ArduCopter kits will begin shipping today!

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  • What's your specific question?  The Hex B instructions are better than the Hex A.  What was the wasted effort - you need to solder the connectors and the control wires to the PDB the same for the Hex A and the Hex B.

  • Why is there no updated assembly instructions using the Hexa-B with the APM 2.5? It would have helped immensely had 3DR made this little oversight known on their ordering web page? I wasted the better part of the day soldering the PDB using the only assembly manaul available to find it was a wasted effort when using the APM 2.5 controller board. This I have to say is extremely inconsiderate on 3DR's sales dept! Had I known there were no assembly docs available for this combination I would not have started my project!  How hard could it possibly be to post a PDF on the orders page explaining these inconsistancies.

    I hope someone can steer me in the proper direction for help in assembly for this combination Hexa-B and the APM 2.5?

  • i did the same :)

  • That is a good tip Stephen. I think I will add a couple of sonar mounts to my next order.

  • My Model A hex crashed a few times while learning to fly, and at one point I noticed that there was practically no clearance between two props - in fact they overlapped by about 1/4-inch - I don't know how long it flew like this but there was never a prop strike.

    I fixed this by adding multiple sonar mounting brackets to give the arms a more rigid structure.  It also gave me a convenient place to mount radios.  (Note that this photo is looking at the bottom of the hex).


  • Yes, 11x47 props are very close to each other, you have to be carefull assemblying your hexa in this config. The more C you have the more it weight, so i found 25C optimal to my config

  • Okey, I can't go to high on the C?
  • Thank you Stephen and Alexey! That sounds good, I have the same set up. Aren't the 11x47 props a little close to each other?
  • at least 25C

  • Aah, okey! I thought you reffered to the 850 motors when you said regular and the 880 when you said bigger. I have been wondering about something else. In the same email the guy from 3DR said that I should use a 4S 4000mAh battery. What should I consider when choosing a battery? What is the C, discharge? Thanks for your reply.
This reply was deleted.