3DR Solo for $399. Is this even possible?


Hi guys,

i just came across this reddit post which claims that 3DR Solo is now available at Best Buy and Amazon for $399.

It all looks valid, but the price seems tobr to good to be true for me. 

Take a look at this:


Is this even possble? :)

I wonder how many customers will resign from DJI P4/Mavic for 3DR Solo, if this price will remain. I have 6 copters my self, but for $399 i am getting one more for sure.

Best Buy:




With this type of prices the sky will be full of robots soon! ;)


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  • You know, I did not plan on ever buying an out-of-the-box quadcopter...ever.  I own two pixhawks and an apm 2.6, but for the price of $399 to finally have a 720p quality downlink and a "tuned" gimbal that probably won't mess up as much as quanum 2D that I have....I'm buying it today.  This is BestBuy's loss, no one else's.  

  • Hi, I have been looking into SONY camera control, there are two ways, Wi-Fi API and Multi Port (USB)

    That usb cable i don't think actually connecting the 5pin micro usb, but a deeper 10 pin connector to go through a semi open standard called LANC. Some tapping i can see there are two goups of UART on it, and you will want to play hard to do it without document.

    But i have successful built Python based JSON/Wi-Fi connection control, for LiveView MJPEG video, remote controlling Shutter and Zoom. All on an Intel Edison module with VNC connection.

    People who interested please contact me and i will give you some help to build your own yocto project.

  • 3DR should release Solo with all rev-b or rev-c parts and with the new Sony R10C camera + battery with a little more capacity to at least held that camera for the same time. 

    Or at least let Enterprise package be sold with authorized retailers. Because now situation is not pleasant when my clients to whom I've sold Solo drones want new parts, new cameras, new Solo, and I have to say that 3DR are closed for consumer market. 

    And I still hope they will announce any good news someday. But I hope it won't be to late.

  • This is just Best Buy stock liquidation and not a regional pricing discrepancy. We are getting to the point where Solo is just going to be closed out. Things are moving fast in consumer drones. It really is hard to see how 3DR hope to stay in the game without a new product. It is awkward to have an expensive commercial solution based on a consumer model that is being closed out by a major retailer.
  • It is not the shipping cost or what ever. Same with us european i always have the feeling i get ripped of when i buy something what i do not directly order from asia or the manufacturer directly. Why? Because service, ease of use and post purchase handling. If 3DR finally gets it that they need a far better service than any other drone company out there then it could be possible to succeed. Service is the single most important factor in the professional segment what dji, yuneec, etc. can't deliver at the moment. But actually i don't think so, there is no userbase, no community, no service partners which can handle a response time <1 day and i also don't think it is possible for them to do it on their own as a mere 100mill are not enough to roll out a ww distribution/service channel. At least competitor drones are widely available and can easily be replaced with a new one if one crashes. Just buy a new one locally.

  • No. They maybe got knocked down, but it will only make them stronger, am i right?! :)

  • I think the next drone from 3DR is Bankruptcy drone

  • @greg, yes the video link if they would have just released it for a pricetag i could have turned the fate of 3dr. but i guess time is over. even for building copters it could be soon over and you are only allowed to buy regulated products by companies. except you fly at your own property.

  • I still can't belive this price. For $399 it is a perferct piece of equipment to hack. If it was possible to get pixhawk out of it, and video link, this would be a deal of the year :). Also 3DR might slit DJI's throat if they made Solo 100% open source. But probably they won't... :)

  • We went to Best Buy and bought one kit. I am surprised at the quality of the video. We switched the native GoPro wide lens with a narrow one and there is no sign of vibration at all! Unfortunately the video feed stopped after a couple of flights. It looked to be the HDMI line, so we brought the gimbal back to the store and had a new one.

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