3DR Y6 first flight and AutoTune

3689585462?profile=originalTakeoff weight was 2160 g, 4S 6000mAh, 8 minutes in the air.

I closed the GPS and open SONAR. Set CH7 switch AutoTune.

First, Stabilize mode and height 10 meters remain, Then, Change the flight mode to ALT HOLD

I open AutoTune, any did not happen. 
I closed AutoTune, Plane began "dancing" and I got a new PID at three minutes later.

I checked found, Remote control is set incorrectly, CH7 switch is reversed.







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  • How did you get the sonar to work with your pixhawk?

  • I use 3DR Y6A, including

    3DR Y6 Frame + Electronics Kit (2013 Version)
    3DR Pixhawk
    Telemetry Radios 915 MHz
    3DR uBlox GPS with Compass Kit
    APM MinimOSD Rev. 1.1 Kit
    APM Power Module with XT60 Connectors
    MB1240 XL-MaxSonar

    For more information :

    Many Cables are not included in this package
    There are six motor and six ESC, which has three motors, three ESC, and two Propellers are disabled.
    I re-purchase and replacement
    Time and again, eventually took 129 days to complete the installation

    Prepare for the first flight
    - Balance Motors and Propellers
    - Using default parameters Y6A
    - Use FUTABA T8J, R2008SB and PPM Encoder
    - SONAR connection Pixhawk ADC 6.6v
    - Finally, use the Mission Planner, and in the "Options CH7" as "AutoTune"

    The default PID


    PID AutoTune after


    Now 3DR Y6 flight was not my needs, some of the recommended products are not supported, the beginning of the design of many changes.

    Despite this, I still hope that it will appear in my documentary - A beautiful drone flying over the Amazon.

  • How are the new PID's? And which version of the Y6 is this - A or B? It looks like you have bigger props on the bottom, so is it an A?

    How are you finding the Sonar?

    Some nice pictures here btw.

  • So so sick. jealous you got the RTF Y6. how was  your experience in terms of setting it up?

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