3m wingspan fiberglass UAV from Hobbyking



When I checked the "new items" page at Hobbyking yesterday, I almost fell from my chair...

A HUGE 3m wingspan fiberglass UAV kit for $263 - $284, depending on the warehouse For some reason, it's not available from the international warehouse but from all local warehouses... Some features and specs from the website:

• Glassfiber/Ply Fuselage
• Fully Sheeted balsa/ply 2pc Plug In Wing
• Plug In V-Tail
• Huge Payload Capability
• Large Front and Mid-Mounted Access Hatches
• Heavy Duty Under-Carriage with Steerable Nosewheel
• Adjustable Motor Mount
• Large Air Intake & Cooling Duct for ESC/Motor Cooling
• Aerodynamically Efficient Airframe
• Flaps for Excellent Low Speed Handing
• Fast and Easy Build

Wingspan: 3000mm
Weight: 5200g~5400g
Wing Area: 48dm2
Wing Loading: 108~112g/dm2
5 Channel

Your own 6 Channel TX/RX
4 x 12g~16g MG High Torque Servo's, 3 x Standard Servo's
50mm Brushless Outrunner
80A~90A ESC
13"~15" Prop
5s~6s Lipoly Battery
FPV Equipment/Camera
80~82mm Spinner

Now I'm waiting for someone to buy it, fly it and talk about quality and stuff :).

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  • iust i like to build by my hands as a hobby

  • Why build a square box plane like the Mugin, if one can have a aerodynamic shaped fiberglass fuselage, like the above UAV-3000 (Reaper MQ-9)? It is very cheap (about AU$300) as well.

  • Hi evry one,Does anyone know the diamentions of (Mugin 3m UAV T-Tail platform) I mean drowing ?thanks everyone


  • Thank you Chris, purchased both, this 3x14x7 Master screw for looks and less noise, while the other one (2x14x7) is used to test the performance. The spinner itself (complete) is 99 gram, the other spinner you mentioned before was about 60 something. Like this spinner more, because it lines up nicely with the motor cowling. Will need to go out today, to get spacers (will use 8 x 4mm think tab washers), found long enough screws in my spare part boxes.

  • The prop Gareth is using in the vídeo is not the best, in my modest oppinion, for this model. I believe in the 14" pusher prop ;) the only thing you have to be careful with is your take-off angle because it goes  slightly passed the lower tail fin. Nothing that a taller set of landing carbon fiber gear who´t fix. Helping you shave off a few grams from the plane. 

  • This is the motor I'm using http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__19029__Turnigy_G60_Brush...

    With a 14inch pusher prop dieferent from yours, anyway... I'm not expecting more than 15 min of flight with a total load of around 5.2Kg. That's not na issue for me because my goal is aerial mapping and 15 minutes of flight is very good . But I believe you can consider a max load of around 5.5kg depending on the propulsion. A bigger pusher will help alot.

  • Thank you Christopher, for the video clip of the UAV-3000 flying. Noticed gray aircraft with gray sky made it 80% of the time invisible to me. "should I paint mine pink or orange?" lol no no just joking. Light and well balance aircraft fly best. Question is now  "how long can it fly (endurance) and how much payload is left for FPV/UAV equipment?"

    I still fight for every gram. lol

    My powerplant arrived yesterday. Need to get more spacers and longer screws to mount the power plant onto the firewall. Will have better cooling by using the 10mm spacers in between motor and plywood. To mount the plywood to the firewall, one will use water tab washers as spacers, to absorb vibration and is lighter then metal spacers. 85mm is called for, hower I go for 82mm distance between firewall and propeller.

    The total weight for motor, spinner, bolts, spacers, nuts and plywood mount came to 533 gram.


  • You don't have to set your battery or ESC far from your motor, because you have a huge amount of space in the rear. The wings won't flap because the rod is long enough. You allso have more than enough space right the Cof G point for any autopilot sensors and boards like the APM to fit. And if you´re using this type of model for FPV or aerial mapping you can balance weight by setting up your camera or cameras in the HUGE front hull where you can also fit your telemetry system and so forth, actually helping you to balance this bad boy. I think it´s just perfect. But indeed I have to put mine in the air to be sure :) which I hopefully will do in the next few days. 

    My goal is for a maiden auto take-off and auto-landing flight :)

  • Why all the fuss about this model? It flys like a boss even with no APM or stabilizer just bareback receiver and weight in the front hull for CofG balance. I really don´t understand all the doubts abot this.


  • My UAV-3000 arrived Monday morning the 22nd of July. Wow, love my new toy. Instruction manual and all parts present. All parts fit well together to. However, at room temperature (21 deg C) the wing skin pops up with a few bubbles or air pockets. Hope to tighten this heatshrink with a few passes of a hot air gun.

    Total empty weight came in at 3383 gram. Measured each component and noticed, that the right wing is 25 gram heavier (511 g) than the left wing (486 g). As well, the right V-tail fin is 113 gram and is 5 gram heavier than the left V-tail fin at 108 gram. So ballast will be needed in the left main wing, just to keep the wings level.

    Going by wing loading, the max take-off weight is 5376 gram. It has plenty of space inside, as long no weight is added. lol Planned Motor and two battery packs alone are about 1700 gram. So that leaves only 293 gram for servos, radio and basic flight controller.

    Because the maximum payload for motor, servos, batteries and so on is only 1993 gram. Bugger all payload is left for any FPV/UAV equipment or one must cut flight time in half, by using only one battery pack. So back to the drawing board to find a new compromise to use the 1993 gram max, for powerplant, drivers, servos, battery, radio, gyros, UAV equipment and so on.

    Does anyone have a spreadsheet for weight and balance calculations? All heavy parts like battery and pan/tilt camera will be mounted spot-on at the CG point.

    If anyone has a matching left / right wing weights, one is happy to swap, to save adding ballast to keep wings level. So if you have a left wing of 512g or a right wing of 486, one is happy to swap with you.


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