3rd Flight of Ranger EX 757-3

Finally had the time for the next flight.  I increased the Roll and Pitch gain settings as the first two flights were quite sluggish to control inputs.  I was hoping to complete the "Manual" mode trim setup this flight but I continue to have too much starboard roll for the trim setting on the controller.  

  • The gain setting increases helped (some) with the sluggish control responses.
    • In addition, I found the control surface hinge lines to be far too stiff. (I cut relief sections to reduce stiffness) 
    • During the build, I laminated the wing, tail, and control surfaces to stiffen the airframe
  • Manual mode trim was also affected by the laminating material, which caused a slight twist in the starboard alerion.
    • Reheated starboard control surface to improve the shape, next flight will tell

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  • Takeoff weight of my Ranger EX 757-3 = 2700g

    • Original Motor 3S battery: 20A full throttle 950g static thrust (10X5 prop) 
    • E-flite Motor 3S battery: 22A full throttle 1325g static thrust (10X7 prop) 
    • E-flite Motor 4S battery: 33A full throttle 2150g static thrust (10X6 prop)
    • E-flite Motor 4S battery: 30A full throttle 1900g static thrust (10X5 prop) 

    The 10X6 prop runs the motor near its recommend maximum, but I only use full throttle for takeoff and have not encountered any thermal issues (yet). I did not go back and try the original motor with the 4S battery, that may be more than enough to get good performance from the airframe!

    Second flight E-flite motor 3S battery: https://youtu.be/UFxnw4ubSEs
    third flight E-flite motor 4S battery: https://youtu.be/J7a-_8eF0wY

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