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  • @Silvio,

    what will be coming in 4Gmetry 4?

  • April 12th - Happy Birthday 4Gmetry! 1 years ago we released 4Gmetry I. Growing day after day, we reached 4Gmetry III. Thank you! 4Gmetry 4 is coming, stay tuned on

  • thank you for replying.

    i guess my issue is with my provider. as i sit here at home my phone displays 4G but can not connect. ugh

  • #armen redundancies are up to you, as well as failsafe settings, etc.. You can decide to use 4gmetry as primary connection, secondary connection or unique connection (or also not to use it).

    Fallback are not a problem at all; telemetry data (e.g. mavlink) are just a few Kbps; while 4G here gives you 20Mbps (sometimes peaking 100Mbps). 4Gmetry takes less than 1%.

  • very cool, just curious though since my Sprint 4G service is deplorable in this tiny city(Las Vegas) are there any redundancies?

    with the local police, etc. setting up phony 4G Nodes/Hubs i would be too afraid of connection dropping or switching back to 3G ild end up crashing and/or causing casualties..

    Very exciting future possibilities but 4G is just a marketing term to me thus far

  • Thanks Stephen! Telemetry 2 is the best practice; usb is faster to setup, but occasionally can cause pixhawk problems - I've never experienced, but I won't in future... ;)

  • Just a tip.  Don't use the usb port for the connection to the pixhawk.  Occasionally it can cause the pixhawk problems.  We found it far more reliable to use the second telemetry port and an ftdi adapter.

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