5 Mega Pixel 1080p 30fps Wifi/IP camera from China


I was looking for a light weight good quality camera for Quadrotor FPV and came up with this solution from china got immediate  reply from sales it is just 120$(sensor board+wifi+lens) 

Complete accessories and price list is here ipcam.PDF

And product is listed at


Never purchased anything from china before so little bit scared for loosing my money However if this device really have all these specs then it is a great replacement for costly Go-Pro,What do you say???

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  • David M Eno Which means we have to install separate transmitters one for FPV and one for HD video recording,right???

  • I wonder what technology military drones are using for FPV I don't think they are using that 470 lines of TV resolution???

  • As far as I know there is not an option for an HD analog system.  You just have to use two cameras.  Sorry.  It's just one of the issue we have to deal with.  It is really the best way.  

  • @Gerard Toonstra Attached file ipcam.PDF describes that there are all sort of connectors available  like RJ-45 audio Video USB etc but you have to pay additional 15$ however maximum bitrate is 8MBPS

  • @David M Eno Ok then what are the option for HD analogue systems??? Can you please name few ??? 

  • I got few more details here it is but these are for 2 mega pixel version of same product


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  • They have not mentioned anything about the weigh and size. 1080p video at 2MP at 30fps is almost a stretched video, nothing more than that. You can not expect comparable quality of the video with that of any recorded video of 1080p.

    Thomas J, their Wi-Fi, range is just like any Wi-Fi router only, at the maximum of 50mts but can be increased with Wi-Fi amplifier, similar to the one shown below, along with one of my Wi-Fi video cam, which costed me 50US$



  • If only someone would make one that sent 30fps JPEG over ethernet.

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    You may be interested in having a look at another alternative to the GoPro


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