5 Things I Think Will Revolutionize the APM

  1. The Release of the 3D Robotics Rover.  This is extremely significant because an APM compatible rover will help drive up the amount of users and contributors to the Rover side of the APM Open Source Development (ArduRover is used far less than ArduPlane and ArduCopter).  Once ArduPlane, Copter, and Rover all become more equal as far as user base we should start to see the APM turn into a more universal product that will be getting extremely close to being ready for commercial applications and entrepreneurs.
  2. The ability to Run Multiple Ardu Softwares simultaneously for "Hybrid Type" vehicles like a QuadRover, HeliBoat, or QuadPlane)  These types of vehicles seem to be very popular with the hobbyist base of APM users who enjoy building their own vehicles and concepts themselves.  The real do it yourselfers in the Diy Drones Community aren't limited by creativity or imagination for drone concepts.  We are limited by the small selection of affordable Drone Hardware, Accessories, and overall product selection when it comes down to commercial grade products at a consumer price.
  3. Sense and Avoid open source collaboration will take off like a rocket when 3DR releases their Rover Platform because this will allow for this extremely large community to take part in the development of Sense And Avoid Software safely from the ground.  If you seemed puzzled by my last sentence try looking at it this way.  The community can't safely Open Source Develop a good Sense and Avoid System in the "sky" because this is not only extremely dangerous but we would all go through a dozen quads a month testing out confirmed and potential software codes for the system.  "I estimate that 50% or more of the software for an Aerial Sense and Avoid System could be written safely on the ground using rovers".
  4. The release of APM compatible accessories and attachments will allow for a wider variety of applications that the APM will be able to be used for.  This will also allow for a wider variety of companies and entrepreneurs to join in on the Open Source Development and Collaboration. "This will revolutionize this community greatly because during open source development here the biggest obstacle is that we all use different brands of electronics which doesn't allow for everyone to be able to run certain functions or software with the equipment they own".  "If we are all universally using the same brand (such as 3D Robotics) electronics, attachments, motors, batteries, etc it will take this Open Source Community to the Upper Echelon of Open Source Communities".
  5. The Release of 3D Robotics Marine Vehicles such as water surface vehicles and submersible marine vehicles.  Currently Agriculture is ranked as the #1 current marketable application for commercial drones but I would argue that before the end of the decade the Marine Drone market will be the largest non military application for commercial grade drones .  This will allow for universities all over the world to add a low cost submersible drone to their current marine biology and oceanography programs with a low cost marine vehicle for lakes and other bodies of waters.  It would probably catch the eye of government agencies like the Department of Natural Resources and other environmental groups and agencies who are currently looking to attach sensors and hi-tech cameras onto Quads and Marines Vehicles for scientific purposes such as Environmental 3D Mapping and ecosystem management.  Many government agencies need these ASAP so if a company like 3D Robotics can provide them with a suitable product the Government is more likely to award grants to companies like 3DR for Drone R & D


"Take it Easy Diy Drones",

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  • Their has to be plenty of things in your build and footage that isn't frowned upon by the community!?

  • I'm not saying you should post that kind of stuff.  I'm saying just pure wildlife footage and like a video of your build minus any bad things.

  • @ Joshua Johnson,

    Currently i am still in the build phase and acquiring some major elements as time and money are available ,this is no low dollar build and due to its intended capabilities pics/video of the finished  Bot will Never be posted because of this forums ideology and rules , we do not need "Bad Press" and i will not post something that will get me booted or ridiculed for what i am building ....    Nothing Illegal but frown upon by the community as a whole . 

  • Awesome!!!!  You should post tons of photos, videos, and blogs!!!  I'm sure everyone would love to see the amazing wildlife your Tough Rover encounters.  Can you post a comment with a photo of your vehicle(s)?!

  • @Joshua Johnson,

    I live in a swamp  i looked over all the rock crawler  rovers  and they would not stand up to the conditions here  so i choose it because the waterproof body construction (full all seams welded in body 1/8" Alum ) and i needed to be able to make it track compatible .

     At 40 Lb this will break brush and vines with ease though i may add a cutter bar to the front using stock Ag cutter replacement teeth , razor sharp and serrated.  

    In it`s final  iteration  it will be used as a Patrol Bot  equipped with  Thermal imaging  to track wildlife and chase off the Hogs that run rampant here destroying the ecology of my swamp ,so it will have some things that we never discuss on this forum  to that end . It will be something you do not want to run into if you are a hog , i already have an image ID/Tracking  system  to that end . Any Hog that it comes across will have an unpleasant encounter with it but will leave none the worse for wear  unless it attacks it (and they do !!) ,the extremely  tough body will be proof  against it ,only a tire may be cut .  

    I live With my swamp not against it  ,i harm nothing in it, i do not even allow hunting here !! 

  • @Evilmacaw,  Nice!!! Do you have any purpose or application for it?!  Looks interesting.

  • I own this honking mother  quite a piece of work !!!


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