5 Ways to Grow Your Drone Aerial Photography Business Online

 Are you running your own drone photography business? How do you find clients for your service? Do you know that today the Internet is the best channel to find clients? If you are using the internet to find clients online, congratulations. You are ahead of the game. If you are using traditional advertising methods and in-person marketing, this article will show you 5 ways to grow your business using the Internet. Let’s get started.


  • Cold Emailing


Email marketing is not something new. It is also considered an ancient relic. Email is the traditional method to contact people, update information, and form a relationship. 

So if you want to get in touch with more potential customers, you should invest your time on email marketing campaigns. 

So the question is how you can get emails to start your email marketing campaign. There are 2 ways to collect the email. The first one, you can use the email list of customers who are using your services. The second is the email list of those who are your target customers. We will focus on how to get email list from your targeted customers. 

  • Define who are your targeted customers (Realtors, Construction companies, Apartment complexes, Golf courses, Hotels/resorts,..)
  • Search on Google the type of costumes and the location you want to work in, for example: real estate agent New York
  • Then visit each potential client’s website and find their email address or contact page. 
  • Create a spreadsheet to collect their information
  • Create content for the email which you will send them. The content of the email is very important. Don't try to sell your products so hard. Just simply introduce yourself and your services. 
  • Check out the number of response letters and send follow up emails to those who don't reply to your emails. 

To support better with email marketing, you can use getresponse.com or mailchimp.com to support you control your campaign. 

There is a fact that not all the emails you send can be responded to. However, if you are patient with this method, you will get what you are looking for. 


  • Local Facebook ads


6340130463?profile=RESIZE_710xNot like utilizing emails to find potential clients, facebook ads require a fee if you use it. You will have to pay a certain amount of money for finding a customer. Of course the fee will depend on how you optimize your ad.

Most people have Facebook accounts, so using Facebook to advertise your business is a wise idea. All you need to do is modeling the user portrait in your industry, then select the location you want to target, the interest and behavior of your potential clients. Then setting a campaign targeting those audiences. And after that, Facebook advertisers will assure to distribute your ads to targeted clients. 

People who see your ads and be interested in your service will actively contact you to ask for more information. 


  • Twitter Search



Twitter is also one of the most popular social networking sites. You also can make use of it. In the search box, type the keyword of your business and find the conversations people are talking about them. If you can engage in those conversations, leave a comment. That is one of the ways for people who share the same interests with you to know about your business. 

If you can not find any conversations which you can join in, there is another way. You can check out profiles of people who have interest in your industry and click the “Tweet to” button and send them a tweet introducing yourself and complimenting their business. That is a great way to start conversations with them. 


  • LinkedIn Connections and Groups


Linkedin is a social networking which is mainly used for B2B business. To use Linkedin to find potential customers, you can do the same as you do on Twitter. 

In the profile section, make sure you introduce your business and attach your website, contact information. 

After having your profile ready, use a search box to connect with people or businesses in your industry and start building a relationship with them.


  • Get Ranked in Google


Getting rank in Google means your business website will appear on the first page of a search engine once a person types a certain keyword. The traffic from google is called organic traffic because you don't need to pay for it.

However, to get your page ranked on the first page, You need to practise SEO (search engine optimization). This means you need to optimize your website correctly for the keywords you want to rank for, and you need to get your business cited in local online listings and build backlinks to give your website more authority. 

Final Thoughts

Nowaday, more and more people have drone and they can easily start their drone business serving for many industries such as drone for real estate, for wedding/festival,... The demand for using drone is higher and higher as well. Thus, In this digital world, if you do not take advantage of technology to grow your business, you are lacking a lot of potential clients.

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