50 shades of grey (and 11 other palettes...)


We are about to release an application for the Lepton with the Raspberry Pi. We are currently using it with the Pure Engineering breakout board but have a custom "shield" or "hat" with RC receiver input and additional features in the works.


The main features are:

  • Unlimited amount of user defined palettes via config file
  • Live video feed for FPV and simultaneous saving of the image stream as .png on the SD card
  • Direct control of the Pi via GPIO pins. No need for SSH to control the Pi

GPIO pins control the following functions:

Input 1 (GPIO 18): Cycle between palettes
Input 2 (GPIO 17): Toggle recording on/off
Input 3 (GPIO 27): Calibrate sensor
Input 4 (GPIO 22): Auto range (set the scale compared to the ambient temperature)


A Palette is defined with 11 simple gradients like this:

# Palette 4, Fire & Ice
palette_4_def_0_rgb=0,0,255 # Lower than min
palette_4_def_1_rgb=0,0,0 # 0% temperature
palette_4_def_2_rgb=32,32,32 # 13% temperature
palette_4_def_3_rgb=64,64,64 # 25% temperature
palette_4_def_4_rgb=96,96,96 # 38% temperature
palette_4_def_5_rgb=128,128,128 # 50% temperature
palette_4_def_6_rgb=159,159,159 # 63% temperature
palette_4_def_7_rgb=191,191,191 # 75% temperature
palette_4_def_8_rgb=223,223,223 # 88% temperature
palette_4_def_9_rgb=255,255,255 # 100% temperature
palette_4_def_10_rgb=255,0,0 # Higher than max

A short demo clip with the app cycling through "white hot", "black hot", "iron bow" and "fire and ice" palettes can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7egzg9vEsB8

The app is ready to ship. Only some QA and documentation is left to do.

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  • Distributor

    You can download the application here: http://www.olofsson.org/LeptonPI.zip

    Unregistered version will run in time limited demo mode with full functionality. Registration is USD 29 and you will get free upgrades up to version 2.0

    You start it with .sudo/LeptonPI.exe You also need to make a directory "Rec" and don't forget to check the config file if you want to add or edit the palettes or change other settings.
    Please try it out and report any problems you find or features you think it needs. Thanks!
  • This seems great to me.

    Unlike PAL/NTSC-Only options, here you could send images and video directly thru any raspi interface like wifi or 4G.

    We are already controlling and "telemetring" our uavs thru 4G. So it could fit nice.

    Where can we get some more info about it?

  • it sounds and looks excellent! is it going to be open source??

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