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  • Thats terrifying, nice job.

  • OMG!!

    Make it an Octo and you could lift a person... perhaps a small person.  :)

  • Wow... a 20kg quadcopter with wooden propellers.. congrats

  • They are the 6.5kW motors hobbyking used to sell, they are from Colin's drift trikes. I am unsure what ESCs he is using. I will have to check tomorrow. 28" (by 10"?) props, all rotating the same way. 

    Running 12S batteries

    Hobbyking KK board (it is either V1 or V2)

  • what are the specs? motors/esc?

    insane :)

  • Distributor

    Very nice indeed.

  • I don't thing that Colin changed the gain for roll control (control in roll), I am unsure what is being targeted or if it is limited :P 

    Oh and Dan have you changed your email? I tried getting in contact with ya a while back!

  • Epic, very nicely done. What limits have you set for control in roll (roll control)?

  • Kickass! I think you just won the beerlift competition! lol! Enjoy the $1000!

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