6 Mode for Futaba T8J


Futaba T8J is a reliable and economical 8 channel computer radio. I'm using it exclusively for all my UAV, both plane and multirotor. Normally I only use 3 mode for all my UAV build. For Plane, mode 1 is FBWA, mode 2 is Auto and mode 3 is RTL. For multirotor, mode 1 is loiter, mode 2 is Auto and mode 3 is RTL

While three mode set up have serve me well because of the simplicity and easy for user to remember. For advance user, especially multirotor, I wish I have more mode selection with my transmitter. 

I'm actually quite surprise to find out that there is actually not many info available to help Futaba T8J user to set up 6 mode for their APM or Pixhawk. I found one here but it is kinds of complicated and a little confusing. Base on the information from DronesportUSA, I would like to share how I set up 6 mode for Pixhawk / APM with Futaba T8J.

This method only use one Programmable Mix and is quite straight forward. 

The workflow is : 

Set Aux CH 5 to SW C ( Pixhawk ).  CH 8 to SW C ( APM ). Please make sure SW D is NOT assign to any other switches.


Set  CH 5 ( Pixhawk ), CH 8 ( APM ) End Point to 47 / 47


Select PROG MIX 1

Set Master to OFS

      Slave to Gear ( Pixhawk ) AU 2 ( APM )

      Rate to - 50%

      Mix to ON

      SW to SW D

      POSI to UP


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