6 Modes on a Futaba T9CAP

Here is how I got 6 modes out of my T9CAP fut9CAP.jpgimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcR-z6vAwDkbzut3CFEXCCsS_xRJ2ViFq3VCzPca5tB3ZLmgBR1fJg

Under AUX CH set CH 5 to Sw C

End points I set ch 5:GEAR to +/- 120%

Under Mix 1                                    Mix 2                                   Mix 3

MAS> GEAR                                  GEAR                                  GEAR

SLV> GEAR                                   GEAR                                  GEAR

LINK > ON                                     (N/A)                                    (N/A)

SW> D                                           D                                         D

POSI > UP                                     DOWN                                 NULL

                  L         H

RATE > -100%     -40%                   -31%     +100%                    -40%      -33%

OFFSET>  -100%                            +100%                                 0%

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  • Thank you very much ! I was not able to get more than 4 modes by myself :-)

  • Thanks

  • good description, thanks.

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    I bought one myself. Played around with it and it is easy to use and seems to do what it´s supposed to.

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