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Getting closer! Just about half way through the time on the USA trip indiegogo project (link: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rc-airplane-flight-across-the-usa-mygeekshow), and just past 66% funded. I've added almost a dozen new perks to try to finish strong:

-Advertise on the USA Trip Homepage: where I will be providing frequent updates, videos and pictures. It will get a ton of traffic before, during and after the trip.

-We'll wear your t-shirt! Or at least one with your logo/business name on it! Send us some t-shirts and we'll wear them for a day during the trip.

-Loan us a FPV Screen: we need larger, higher quality FPV screens, donate it to us, we'll use it for a few days, and mail it back to you!

-Loan me a battery charger: I need two dozen or so Turnigy Accucel chargers. I'll only need to use it 10-15 times, and will then mail it to you!

-Loan me a NCR18650B battery pack: I'll use these packs about 15-20 times, and even then quite gently, less than 0.5C. After using them, I'll mail it to you.

-Special edition BLACK Raptor140 Kits: black EPP foam Raptor140 kit, can be signed be me!

-Loan me a telemetry system: See this LINK for the seller's details. It is a long range 900mhz telemetry system capable of over 40km(25mi) of range! It will be a back up unit, and might not even be used. I'll send it to you after we finish the trip.

-Loan me an EZUHF system: See this LINK for the seller's details. Its a long range 433mhz transmitter/receiver. It will be a back up unit, and might not even be used. I'll send it to you after we finish the trip.

-Reduced Raptor140 USA/UAV/FPV/RTF raptor kit to $2,000, which is less than the cost of all the componants on the airplane! An awesome deal as it is all RTF and flight tested.

If you want to support the trip, but don't see a perk you are interested in, let me know! I can add it as needed. Thanks!

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