Hi all,

We would like to share with you our company "droning" (www.droning.es) devoted to create and operate professional UAVs. 

Our team has been around diydrones for some years now and we all share our passion for drones and APM.

Some of us started with APM 1.0 or with ArduIMU.

We have focused our efforts on creating quality turn key products that incorporate all our experience in the Multirotor/Planes operation. We have been providing survey services for more than a year now and we have some ideas about how a good platform should look alike:

  • Robust and easy to operate
  • Long flight time (obvious, I know)
  • Easy (and quick) to fold and transport
  • Integrated electronics and modular design
  • No cables or protruding parts -> fairing 

Multirotor DE820

With these requirements in mind we started to design a Multirotor (DE820) that could be able to be configured both in Quad and Octo coaxial mode. This way it could be used for Endurance missions on surveys but also for filming and high payload missions.


We ended by choosing umbrella folding arm design and single-point fixed landing gears as they offer a great stability in rough terrain where it is supposed to operate.

In the Quad version we have:

  • 18 to 20" T-Motor carbon props
  • Tattu 22Ah 6S
  • Pixhawk 
  • more than 30 minutes of operational flight

In the Octo coaxial we have

  • 16" t-Motor carbon prop
  • Tattu 22Ah 6S
  • Pixhawk
  • 25 minutes of operational flight

We have created custom PCB to integrate ESC and basic signal routing so we simplify the manufacturing process.

In the next revision we are using Dropix v2 as it will allow us to mount it in a PCB socket and simplify it even more.



The DE820 can be configured with quick release payload holder, allowomg to reconfigure it quickly by swaping assembled gimbals with cameras or even connecting an EPM gripper without cabling or screws intervention.

You can find more pictures, information and videos on the web.

TA2000 Plane

Even if the DE820 is our more loved product we do have a Fixed Wing based upon the Talon airframe. We called itTA2000 and it has passed thru a customization process quite intensive.


We added a front motor mount as we think it flies much better and allow for easier hand launch.


With its current configuration it weights 2kg with camera on board and batteries. Regarding flight time it can go up to 1 hour at 50km/h.

We are working in extending the range close to 2 hours by using Li-Ion mixed battery.

Hope you like it.

Jesus, Anderl

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  • Great work, Jesus and droning people ¡¡.
    We could see and fly the DE850, is a very nice piece of engineer, fully integrated and easy to operate and transport, the flightcase is a very small trolley.
    I flew the DE850 in octo setup with tetracam mini-mca, my feeling was that is very stable and the GPS work fantastic, in automatic mission (with take off, photogrammetric plan and landing) the landing point was reached with accuracy 40-50cm.
    Finally we analyzed the log and the vibrations leves was incredibly low.

  • Thank you all.

    Stay tuned as RTK, quick removable payload system and longer flight time version is coming in the following months.
  • Hello friends. I loved this design drone with 8 engines and compact.

    so I can only give congratulations on splendid job. greetings and hugs!

  • Muy interesante los productos. Estaré pendiente de la evolución.
  • Hi!!!!, professional desing work,  and great flight time.

  • Woow, Jesus! I love a desing. great job
  • ohhh yeah! very beatiful drone! I need stude a master in the university for drive this drone! good work Jesus!
    P.D. soy el Miguel de Girona, no me borres del wasa! ;)
  • Jesús.El drone is an impeccable job, it is also a very robust design, while agradable.Apoyo his comment that the target to beat is increasing flight time, keeping the size of their dron.Saludos and good luck with your business .
  • Great job . The flight time in all UAV is great.
  • @all
    Thanks for the good comments!

    We are currently working in a 45 min version. The key point that we are trying to achieve in that version is the ability to go to that flight time without increasing size nor weight.
    1 hour multirotors are no new but doing so while retaining a small size and weight is a big plus. At the end of the day operation and transport of a big 20kg multirotor is a real pain.
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