Key features of Droiko

  • 3689709723?profile=originalReady to use gaming drone, just take it out of the box and start playing. No assembly no soldering required.
  • Laser + IR marker and proximity weapons.
  • Double coaxial propellers for higher stability and longer flight times.
  • Swashplate mechanism to allow for movements in every direction.
  • Fly it using your smartphone or any standard RC transmitter (using a bridge Checkpoint).
  • Fly it indoors or outdoors (if there is no wind).
  • High end sensors for higher stability, automatic altitude and easier flying.
  • Almost unbreakable, very easy and cheap to replace damaged parts in case of extreme crashes.
  • High performance, swappable battery for 12+ minutes of flight time with a single charge and unlimited gaming 3689709344?profile=originalchanging batteries.
  • Light weight (<50 grams) so it can be flown anywhere and does not need FAA registration.
  • Fully safe propellers for kids, pets and objects.
  • Checkpoints to define special areas in games.
  • Laser battles, drone racing and many other games.
  • Fully open source product, both hardware and software.
  • Learning platform for drone piloting, electronics and coding.
  • Customizable, hackable and expandable.
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  • Moderator

    I always swore that I wouldn't buy anything RC/Drone related unless it was work-related. 

    This might change that. Can we make a drinking game out of it? ;) 

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