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Jeff Johnson and I are speaking about amateur UAVs and imaging/mapping at the WHERE 2.0 conference in Silicon Valley on May 12-14, and we thought it would be fun to have a UAV fly-in beforehand. [UPDATE: this has been postponed. See this post for more] I've got an airfield available at the former Alameda Naval Air Station nearly Oakland (right across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco) and could fly on the afternoons of Sunday, May 11th or Monday, May 12. Standard safety rules apply, but we'd love to have any DIYDrones friends join us. After-flying drinks are on me! If you're in the Bay Area and would like to fly, watch or just hang out, please leave your name and preferred date in the comments below.
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  • 3D Robotics
    In case anyone missed the notice, this has been postponed due to me being an idiot and not realizing that it's Mother's Day. I'm brave, but not THAT brave.
  • I like to watch....
  • 100KM
    ok guys got my AP tested today just in time for a road trip to cali !!
  • 3D Robotics
    Okay, it's looking like Sunday, may 11th is going to be the day. We'll probably meet around 2:00. Exact place and time at the Alameda TBA here as the day approaches.
  • I would come on Sunday for watching/hang out time. I'd like to meet others in the area who share this interest and see their designs in action. I do not have a drone ready yet, just enjoying the art of flying and landing manually at this time.
  • I’ve got a lot on the plate but we’ll see…
  • Cya all there!

    Also, anyone in this group is welcome to join me for a presentation at the Googleplex during WhereCamp the following weekend ... http://wherecamp.pbwiki.com/WhereCamp2008 ... This is a BarCamp style get together, so no hard and fast schedules, just show up and present.
  • 100KM
    im going to try to show up ,should have my new system up and running by then
  • I'll come to the next one you have in Melbourne, Australia!!
  • Could probably go on the 11th. Monday is a work day. Would be a good test for high wind.
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