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  • Don't forget if you need more speed there is the ZX-24 and ZX-24n, pin and code compatible with the BX-24 but much much faster!
    ZX-24n Microcontroller
    The ZX-24n microcontroller is powered by ZBasic for home automation, industrial control, robotics and other embedded systems.
  • 100KM
    ok i got a MCP3208 running on the spi port for 12bit resolution i will make the changes to the filter tonight .
  • funny that, I'm using a MCP3208 too...
  • 100KM
    ok making progress but need to use 12bit ADC as advised . i have a MCP3208 handy . can only get 5 mv resolution with build in ADC, no good considering 2 mv = 1deg/sec from the gyro.
  • ever time I said DAC, i meant ADC :D
  • The gyro will drift a lot. A well set up Kalman filter should take care of that. I stole the kalman filter from Jordis arducopter code. You're probably going to have to take a lot of shortcuts. i.e. my system only works up to 90 degrees of pitch or roll, but I'm not planning on inverted flight.
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    thanks for the tip .and yes 10bit ADC . i just got the gyro data working and looking good . i can keep it from drifting a degree for about 3 seconds is this normal? whats the best time i should expect?
  • I've got a similar (but more developed) system working. I'm using an Arduino. Basically you're going to have to manually calibrate the system. Kalman filtering seems to work alright. I'm guessing you have a 10 bit DAC, 12 bits gives much much better results (I'm using an external SPI 12 bit DAC). With my setup I have 0.1 degree of precision and worst-case accuracy of 1 degree.
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