Today is a "work" day

@ 1:39PMSo...after sitting outside for about 30 minutes, i'm pretty sure that the antenna on my GPS is shot. I don't know how or why, but it sends NMEA 0183 nicely, but it doesn't seem to like picking up sats. It blinks a few, but nothing steady or strong. I was using my BT for testing purposes, but it failed, so it looks like i am up for purchasing something else. Maybe something else with WAAS. Nothing 5hz though as my software doesn't want to sample that fast lol.My box from all the people came. Of course, i went straight for the Surprise box. I think this is the highlight of shopping from them. You know you got something interesting when you drop the box on you couch and it starts making strange screaming noises for about 30 seconds. Turns out there were some circuits like in those noise maker cards. That should really get my little brother going... But that wasn't the only thing there. Turns out, that there were more Wacom pens, this time including the point, and these Zoran/Oak Technologies Integrated DTV chips that looked brand new. Apparently, they are used to get HD and SD signals, while processing the audio, and are generation9 chips. got a whole bunch of them, so i think they will hit ebay as a lot. There were other cool things, but i just got the box, and then realized its time to go to work...After talking to my hobby store, it turns out that i can make the left and right ailerons independant. Doing so makes them act like flaps. I find that very...desirable.I started looking back into Pico ITX. sadly, at 250, it is WAY over my budget ATM. Very saddening. I have to wait till someone puts one up for cheap lol. They are tiny though...and, sadly, more powerful than my VIA. They still look great though.@6:36Spent the ENTIRE time making a damn 5V to 3.34V converter with htat LM317 HVP. Took me hours to find the right resistors, then hours to solder it up together. I'm using a circirt write for the last part and i may have jumped my last soldering point. bah. Not only that, but i BURNED MY HAIR. Did you know that burnt hair doesn't smell good good? i need to get a new soldering point. The one i'm using now is a wedge edge and i need a pencil point. Sigh...atleast now i can possible read my Altimeter.In other news, i think i got myself done with reading the GPS through VPL. Now i just need to take those values and use them to go to waypoints. I probably will code that for the rest of the day. Trevor Taylor is starting a new blog, i'd like to think at my request. Yeah right. He's been an invaluable help thus far. i just hope he doesn't get sick of me! downloaded this interesting GPS tracking program while testing my GPS. just thought it was interesting.@9:49Just bought a new gps. WAAS, here i come. 54g, titanium shell. yay me. It will be here tuesday or wednesdayWorking on the GPS code. I now have working variables that contain the course, heading, lat, long, alt, and velocity. This means i can start on my drift code eventually, as well as program in waypoints and stuff. I'm approaching a point where i can start to visualize my base station GUI and work on it. I still need to get some really good topographic maps though. Being 17M about mean sea level means nothing if you can't comprehend that that means that you're on the ground if you're in my yard. does mean when the ice cap melts, you'll be WAY under sea level... Has anyone gotten the GPS to work with a Topo map? I figure simple subtraction should get you your altitude above the ground--and simple vision can get you above the tree line!
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