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  • It's a Rotomotion SR20 & Andy Rubin didn't build it. His early videos R on GooTube.

    The way to base a UAV on an Android is to build up a consortium whose purpose is to write a Java standard for a flight controller that others can use to write higher level Java software. Then outsource the implementation of the Java standard to someone else who writes a Java native interface for the phone & hopefully other devices. That's how you justify the cost of writing a Java native interface.

    If you just want to fly something from the ground up, there's no point in using a standards based platform. You might as well skip the JNI interfaces, erase the phone & run native programs on it.

    Funny that people doing Java standards have robotics hobbies whose budgets are proportional to their job title. Low Paid, Flat Broke Programmers: $4000 a year Director of Android standards: $17,000. Who knows how much he'd spend on UAV's if he was a VP of Android standards.
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    I don't that it's actually true that he used Android to control the heli. He developed Android and developed the heli, but they use different technology. The heli's just named Android ;-)

    You'll need a RTOS to control a heli. Android is not that.
  • Hi guys,

    This website seems to be "the place", because googling any interesting drone related issue I end up here :)

    I was also thinking about the application of G1 Android-based phones in drones.
    Both its software and hardware cover a wide range of drone requirements e.g. 3G, compass, GPS ect. The code is Java and the samples are easy to understand. Googling some more I came across this short article
    The main developer of the Android has also used it to control a UAV.
    Googling some more I found this article in the newyork times with a picture of him beside a
    AutoCopter Express E which I assume he has used to make the prototype. Apart from some photos I could not find much more on this project.

    I am thinking about building a quad UAV and use a G1 phone to control it. I would appreciate it if you could point me to some sources describing the basics of quads or maybe a DIY guide. The commercial ones like the Draganflyer6 seems to be quite stable but very expensive and probably hard to modify.

  • 3D Robotics
    The 1.0 SDK is now available here.
  • Android is basically a Java development environment, so we plan to port our robot console code at some point. This would allow us to use Android as a base station. Not the same as your suggestion, but it might be cool nonetheless.
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