TWO-AXIS T3V3 goes above and beyond enterprise expectations by advancing inspections and mappings to the next levels, thanks to its optimized flight time and unrestricted top-to-bottom visibility, and more.
šŸ—Ø "We have a lot of questions of the requests in the market that people want to inspect with a drone from under the bridges, windmills, the blades and with all these applications that people needed to be inspected from below where, of course, normally the props or the body would be in the in the picture." - š‰šØš«š«š¢š­ š‹š¢š§ššžš«š¬
š…šØš®š§ššžš«/ š‚š„šŽ š€šœšžšœšØš«šž š“šžšœš”š§šØš„šØš š¢šžš¬
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