8-3-12 Balloon/Glider Flight

It flew ! For 50 feet off ground. Premature rope cut ! Dang....getting closer


Moment of ground release.


Next Friday...8-10-12...same time ...same place...another launch !


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  • Hi Earl and Company!

    A few questions about your Ardu / balloon

    mission, as I plan ours.

    How are you planning to activate the Ardu.  In my

    vision, as the balloon carries it up, it is inactive.  Upon

    release from balloon, Ardu should activate and

    home in on the first waypoint.

    How are you dealing with measuring the accuracy

    of the winds and modeling sites?  A major task is

    to calculate, based on current winds, the optimal

    release point (so that the glider is not fighting strong winds

    to reach the landing field).  You want to pick a release

    point such that glide ratio plus tail wind will allow the

    plane to reach the landing site with little effort.

    Then the problem becomes calculating a balloon launch

    point such that the balloon will drift to the optimal 

    release point.  Have you thought about this?  Do you

    have a sense of how accurate upper atmosphere winds

    sites are?  And balloon trajectory model sites?

    Any attention you can give to my many questions will

    be much appreciated!

    --Lt Nafissian, Aerospace Education, Civil Air Patrol

  • Hi Earl -- please see my Qs on the "Another 97,000 ft ..." blog post from a month or so back.  Thanks and great work!!!!  --Lt Nafissian

  • When you work only one night a year, you need a hobby !


  • Earl I for got to mention Bigger balloons than yours have had premature takeoffs and we get to see what Santa Clause does in the of season awesome photos! Good luck!

  • @Earl . . . Awesome project - thanks for sharing!

    @Monroe . .. thanks for heads-up on Big Red Bee.

  • Sorry to hear, do you know what was causing the adruino to reset

  • Earl you look Like the guy behind the fence on "tool time " and just as knowledgeable also. Good luck next week!

  • A little more detail on cut-down


  • Some more..

    one shows the cut down rope and nichrome wire.


  • Thanks all !

    The guy with the Red X8 is me...Earl

    The boy in the B/G is Jean-Luc, my son. He will be 21 on 8-19-12


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