We designed a dock and made a prototype by carving out all the components from glass-fabric board and putting them together.

the concept is like this


the prototype is showed as below



We bought a set of carving machine and a 3D printer to make our own components for HeX


We haven't fixed it on our drone yet. Later on, I will update the result of how it actually works on a drone


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  • T3

    I freely admit the concept is not my original idea. 

    I found it here, from the king of DIY


    I'm sure he saw it somewhere else, but that does not make it any less effective. 

  • to Brian Ward

    Thanks. So far we just leave the camera exposed. Partly because we only have one GoPro without the case and partly because it's a solution to bring down the overall cost. But your concern does inspire us to give users more choices in future. And you're right, this in future will be an optional peripheral for our drone HeX. 

    To Exaustgas

    Now I get what you meant by g10 and 1/16". 1/16" means the thickness of the fiberglass board, right? Actually we don't know much about the materials. We really don't know the meaning of g10 grade. All we know the type of the board is FR-4. We never thought your way of reducing the the amount of vibration before. For us it seems something out-of-the-box.

    To Robert mcintosh

     thanks for using the word 'sexy', ha ha. I guess the reason why it looks like overkill is because some of us think  it gives out the sense of toughness or masculine. However, reducing its weight is something worthy of doing.   

  • Very sexy looking design. Good stuff. Seems like you could bring the weight down a lot though. I don't know why all of these gopro gimbals are build like tanks. Seems like overkill to make them so strong. I'd be really interested in seeing a version that's pushing the limits of how light you can go by ditching the metal parts and screws in favor or plastic ones or making it a glue/snap together deal. I bet you could get it down to 70g with servos.
  • T3
    By g10 I was asking what material your mount is made of, I was assuming g10 grade fiberglass. I think the post says "glass-fabric board", I was wondering what kind?
    And yes that is where I was suggesting a future mount could store a battery, strapped to the lower frame piece. Increasing the mass of what you are isolating from vibration (now including the battery) would even further reduce the amount of vibration transferred. I in no way intend it as a put down, but merely an excited suggestion for further designs. This is a really good looking mount!
  • Very nice.  Does your design allow for the GoPro inside a case or just the exposed camera?  Also, is this something you're looking to sell?  Very interested.


  • by 1/16" g10, did you mean the camera we mounted on? all together with the GoPro camera, it weighs 300 grams. And thank you for your caring to give us advise. But I'm not sure that I get what you're suggesting: do you mean we might try to put the battery providing power for drones on here (cycled in the following photo):


  • T3
    Is that 1/16" g10? I love the rubber vibration isolators. Can't wait to see some video! Maybe somehow mounting your main flight pack battery to that lower vibration isolated plate in a future design to would give it even better performance. Whats it weigh?
  • bucuo 

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