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A glimpse of the scene at the 3DR booth at NAB

3689646197?profile=originalThe crowds for one of the demos of the new LIDAR/Optical flow position hold. Works great and SO much better than sonar, since it can handle any surface, indoors and out. The same tech can be used for precision landing on designated markers.

You get a prize if you can beat our team at ping pong (doesn't happen often; ping pong is a 3DR speciality):



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  • Well done Chris and team, very much what I was expecting, great stuff.

  • Greg Dronsky - Colin described the Acc Bay connector in the video Felix posted (above).

    A poor analogy would be the ISA slot on the original IBM PC... except it is isolated from messing with the APilot functions.


  • I'm amazed by the Solo ability at that price.  I was wondering if development costs will be reflected in the 'app' prices through Tower, or just in the volume of sales.  I haven't looked through it yet myself.  A few months ago we were looking at a proprietary quadcopter that couldn't do as much and not much bigger, but cost +6k.

     Attaching the brand to Dronecode is really encouraging for the rest of us because this isn't a DIY story anymore.  Now it's big business, and I'm guessing there's a lot of pressure to drop the roots of community (open source, collaborative.  It doesn't look like 3DR is going to though...  

    With the Solo going mainstream and the opportunity for app development on that platform, is there going to be a separate 3DR/Tower/Solo community?  Or are the people who want to develop for Solo going to be integrated into the DIYDrones community?

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    I've been flying a Pixhawk2 in my fixed wing sports plane for a while. Support for it has been in the main ardupilot git tree for quite a while, it just wasn't labelled as "Pixhawk2" as it wasn't announced. It is called "FMUv3" in the code, because Pixhawk was labelled "FMUv2" and the Pixhawk2 is the 3rd major version of the PX4 line of autopilots that we support. The current stable releases of APM:Copter, APM:Plane and APM:Rover all support Pixhawk2 already, although there are some significant improvements to the support for it that will be in the next releases.

    If you are curious about what sensors it has, then have a look at the startup script:


    and look for the FMUV3 parts.

    Cheers, Tridge

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    @Justice: of course! Runs all vehicles code. All open source. Will be out as a stand-alone product shortly after the Solo launch in May.
  • Pixhawk 2.... arduplane compatible? 

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  • I've really enjoyed the 3DR booth so far! Solo is an excellent entry to the consumer market, and I'm excited to get Pixhawk2 into larger UAVs

  • Does anyone know what connector is used for "Accessory Bay"? Is there any site where this topic is described?


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