A good video of my system in action...

This Saturday I had 15 mph winds gusting to 25 mph.. Still landed without issue. Wind is coming from the top of the image towards the bottom. You can see the aircraft try to land down the runway (right to left) but fighting the wind made the path a bit weird. But impressive given that the wind was something I wouldn't have flown in myself. Here's the plot:I have to say that windy flights are far more impressive. I had a nice crowd watching the airplane land in the crazy winds. One guy complimented me on my flying skills, at which point I had to tell him I wasn't flying at all ;-)

Here's today's video. Only 5mph today, but this is the only video I have showing a full flight from takeoff to land. Unfortunately my flare angle was accidentally set to -5 degrees!So with a working autopilot... windy days are actually more fun. I'm 90% there. Still a bug where my integral terms wind up if it can't punch through the wind. 2 good flights, one not so good.
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