A new APM Destined Airplane: The Shrike


On this week's episode of MyGeekShow we announce and begin building the Shrike, a Nova & Raptor hybrid. It's function will be to carry the AP and FPV equipment we'll install and test over the next few months. And yes, that includes the APM!

Next week we'll finish and fly the Shrike!

Question of the day: How do you seal XPS foam? We'd like some kind of "plastic paint" that was like painted packing tape, if that even exists.

See you Wednesday,

-Trent & Nick

Produced by Trent & Nick in Arkansas, USA
Main Camera: Panasonic HDC-TM900K
Video Editing: iMovie

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  • Awesome tips from everyone! Thank you for the advice and support!

  • For the film covering:

    We are moving and had some extra sticky carpet covering. It's basically a huge roll of packing tape. Pretty sticky stuff. It's used to put down on carpet to keep foot traffic from soiling the carpet. Should be available at home depot or somewhere similar. It's at least 24-36" wide.
  • Moderator

    Laminating film seems like a good idea.  Over on the Zephyr II forum, BCSaltchucker says this about the  Zii covering:

    it is just laminate used for laminating paper documents, like they use at your local Staples or Office Depot. Super super inexpensive and yet strengthens these planes really well. I bought a 250 ft roll online for $35 which is enough to cover 15 or 20 planes.

    I found this roll of 1.5mil:http://www.binding101.com/25x250-school-film.html


  • You may be able to use laminating film. Check out crashtesthobby.com.  Lee shows how to cover epp foam wings with 3mil laminate. 

  • If you can't find a liquid i would recommend Covering Film.  They have clear and coloured.  It's rather cheap too.

  • Paul: Thank you! We have high hopes for it too, hopefully it performs it's APM function. We've never done a APM flying wing....

    Scott: Ha ha! That is true... We'll have to rethink the name now :)

  • like the new co-host. But now you're gonna have to call it "Our Geek Show"

  • Good job!  I enjoyed the video.  Looking forward to see how your new airframe works out.

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