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  • Hi Jeremy

    This is very interesting, can you send a photo of it? I am aiming to the mapping industry than to aerial delivery's.

  • Conlugo, I have designed one of these over a year ago. Why hasn't anyone seen it? The reason being that while it may increase flight time, it also increases the uav's surface area making it much more susceptible to wind. This becomes even more evident once a gimbal is attached. What application are you going to be using the UAV for?

  • Do you mean many variation of VTOLs?

  • don`t waste your time and money patenting, just focus on being number one selling it! this is the best protection in my oppinion, unless you have the next facebook multimillion dollar industry.

  • I think patenting a variation of VTOL with wings/fins doesn't really protect your creation. I see many variation of this coming out in the future. Good luck

  • Mauricio, since the beginning of aviation people are trying to built VTOL without success.

    This innovation is one of a kind and nobody did it before, if you find some one who did it please let me know. 

  • good idea but attempting to patent the wheel

  • Great question Kabir. I dont know, from audiojungel as i was told.

  • Developer

    What's that music?

  • that is true to all multirotors.

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